Strongest Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokemon

With the launch of Pokemon Go’s new Gen 2 update, there’s a whole Pokedex worth of new Pokemon (80, to be exact) for players to catch. But the question is, which Pokemon should you strive to catch to become the Pokemon master? Well, that’s where this article comes in, to help you along the way. So let’s get right into it.

Already coming out ready to fight is Blissey. blisseyBlissey is this cute-looking evolution of Chansey that can win fights by just sitting there and absorbing damage till the timer runs out thanks to its massive well of health. Now, I assume that Blissey is extremely rare since I’ve rarely ever encountered a Chansey in my entire time playing the game and even if you do catch one, you can’t evolve it into a Blissey without using up 50 candies.

tyrThe next powerhouse is Tyranitar, a rock/dark hybrid Pokemon that evolves from Larvitar and Pupitar. This Pokemon is the one with the highest max potential CP in all of the new gen 2 lineup. However, CP doesn’t always guarantee success to players because sometimes the meta throws curveballs into the mix. Without a doubt, curveball or not, having this beast in your team will greatly up your chances of winning every match you fight.steelix

The third entry is Steelix, the rock/steel type Pokemon that evolves from Onix. This one goes beyond the ‘rare’ breed of Pokemon because not only do you need 50 Onix candies to evolve it (which is pretty easy since there’s hardly been any other use for it till now), but you also need one of the new special evolution items which are hardly easy to acquire.

umbreonEevee evolutions are as strong as ever, with the psychic-type Espeon ranking high on the lists for both the sum of its stats and highest potential max CP. Now, this evolution is harder to get than Eevee’s other evolutions but it is probably the most powerful Eevee evolution in the entire game. Other highlights include the ground type Donphan, the bug type Heracross, and the Scyther evolution Scizor.

These are the Pokemon to be on the look out for so if you ever see their outline on your tracker, be sure that it’ll be worth the trek and Pokeballs lost to catch them.


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